what is a japa mala necklace

You may have heard about japa malas in yoga classes or meditation. Today I tell you what a japa mala is and what it is used for.  

A japa mala is a necklace consisting of 108 spherical beads plus 1 guru bead. Most of these necklaces have a tassel, although it is also common to see them with crystals pendants.

"A Japa Mala or mala is a string of prayer beads commonly used by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and some Sikhs for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as japa."

Japa Mala Kandy Disenos

Japa Mala necklaces are used for meditation, to recite mantras or words of power and affirmations. 

108 is a magical number so using a mala is a symbolic way to connect you  with the cosmic cycles that govern the universe: the necklace  represents the path of the sun ☼ and moon ☽ in the sky.

Each time that you repeat the mantra you have to advance a bead of the necklace, and continue this way until reaching the bead number 108. 

Here you can finish the meditation or you could continue with your meditation, rotating the necklace and beginning again a new return of necklace.

japa mala 108 beads

Although in a practical sense meditation is the use that is given to a japa mala, it is also true that it is not its unique use. Even as accesory, you will benefit from wearing these wellnes jewels that are considered sacred and Divine.Many people use it to set intentions and to feel good. Besides of having a strong spiritual purpose and a powerful positive energy, this jewelry is also a fabulous necklace.

In addition, Kandy Disenos Japa Malas are created with different types of crystals for extra benefit mind, body and spirit. 

Artisan made Japa Malas

I especially like to create japa malas that combine different  crystals, sometimes also woods and seeds. Also different colors for a chromatic therapy. 

Each Kandy Disenos Japa Mala is activated with an intention from the first moment I design it, either if it is a custom request or following my intuition and inner vision to create each one of the designs that you can find in my shop.

My Malas are made to order, to connect with your energy at the moment of creating it. This way each Japa Mala is full of positive vibes and having you in mind! :) 

mystical child japa mala necklace by kandy disenos

There are many benefits, power and healing provided by minerals, holy wood, seeds and quartz.

The colors and materials will give the intention to the mala necklace. They can be related with specific chakras or with all of them! as you can see in the photo below. One of my most loved 7 Chakras Japa Mala necklaces you can find in my shop. 

7 chakras japa mala kandy disenos

A Mala can also work something in particular to strengthen and improve, an energy, an intention. The possibilities are endless, so each necklace will always be unique.

A japa mala necklace can be used as a personal reminder, to keep you with the  intention of achieving greater happiness, joy, kindness, Love and  serenity. When you do this, your Mala become a source of deep blessings in your life.

By using it during  spiritual practice, it will be built and maintained its magnetism that will last for a long time. 

There are many things that can be commented about Japa Malas. This is a initial approach explained with my own words, according to my own experience and all I have learned over the years with the practice of meditation, academic yoga training and dedicating myself to creating japa mala designs.

According to the  Sanskrit-English dictionary of Monier-Williams, japa means: 

'to murmur prayers, to repeat in whispering passages of sacred writings,  incantations, or names of a divinity', while 'mālā' translates as  'garland'.." Wikipedia   

Do you use japa malas to meditate? What has been your experience with this sacred jewelry? 

Sat Nam ◈Alejandra