Kandy Disenos… Beautiful deluxe Mala Beads necklaces, bracelets and Boho chic jewellery

I started creating boho crystal wellness jewels and japa malas when I was studying to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher and deepen more in my yoga practice, daily meditation, energy healing and inner growth.

I have always loved to create, make and learn new things.

One day in 2013 my yoga teacher asked me to do a Japa Mala necklace. In that moment I couldn't imagine that this would be the first of many mala necklaces that I was going to create.

We didn’t found in local or online shops colorful and stylish sacred jewelry that reflected our inner happiness, passion and all the beauty and shiny colors of our heart and soul.

I am really passionate about colors, so all these things I love as yoga, meditation, colors, crystals, healing and boho style found a place and I started to design deluxe prayer beads necklaces and boho chic jewellery, experimenting with textures and techniques, mixing minerals to benefit from several crystals… resulting in unique and expressive designs.

I love Mantra chants so I made my teacher’s mala necklace during a special meditation while the creative process happened. This meditative way of creating my mala necklaces would become one of the distinctive features of my designs.

My teacher was delighted with her Mala and especially with the energy and positive vibes that her sacred necklace had!

She was not the only one that felt it. From that moment many people contacted me to create Japa Malas… and that was the moment that my jewelry found its true purpose and spirital intention.

My designs had been used as emotional supports for medical processes, periods of change, pregnancy, protection amulets, meditative practices, to initiate a spiritual path.

I create jewelry that help bring peace and joy for you and the world.

A reminder to always smile and be happy everyday!

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